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Business Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence to power your business



All the data

Our scalable platform can handle real time data from any data source. There is no limit to the data you can bring in and analyse. Forget the IT backlog or time waiting for reports to be built and let your staff do what they should be doing.


Insight & Artificial Intelligence

Truedash is a simple yet powerful business intelligence tool combined with artificial intelligence that not only lets you receive a complete view of your organisation in real time, it lets you power better marketing with your customers to grow your business.


Automate the action

Unlike other tools, getting data out is just as easy as getting it in. Whether you want to send triggered emails or reconcile accounting, it’s easy to get real-time data out.

Exploring Truedash

Find out more about how we make the future happen for organisations that want to grow. 


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Leaders rely on Truedash

Organisations that want to use their data to deliver success are using Truedash to make the future happen.

Rob Feldmann 

“Truedash is transforming our business. By becoming a data-driven organization we are reducing costs and increasing profits.”

Rob Feldmann 
Chief Executive
Christopher Sears

“Current BI packages are overly focussed on function-specific reporting tools, with an overwhelming bias towards web/marketing analytics and customer care. Truedash is unique in the sense it provides a view across our entire business. What makes it special, is not just in providing the big picture view, but its ability to drill-down into the more granular elements of our operations”.

Christopher Sears
Analyst at Swoon
Stephen Kennan

“We chose truedash because they demonstrated to us that they can help us really understand and make the most of our data – through simple, real-time dashboards and reports which enable us to put our focus in the right place at the right time – all across our business, from frontline advisors to our board of directors”

Stephen Kennan
Gabriela Vinader

“One of the biggest wins is that Truedash is fully integrated with our data. We don’t have to do anything from that respect, we tell them where the data is or what it means and they make it happen.”

Gabriela Vinader
Chief Operating Officer
Richard Turnbull

“Truedash reports are integral into the management of our marketing KPIs.”

Richard Turnbull
Senior Digital Manager

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